Extreme voices within the anti-war movement are jeopardizing the just cause of ending the bloodshed in Gaza and Israel's West Bank occupation. The silence of nearly all global human rights groups on this moral distortion is painful and wrong
While the protest in the West against the atrocities in Gaza is extremely important, certain voices within it express moral distortion and pose danger to the protest’s moral voice.
Michèle Lamont – The Role of Narratives in Fostering Inclusion/The Pro-Human Campaign Webinar Series
Dehumanization is contagious. The Pro-Human Campaign published today two position papers which describe the outburst of the dehumanization since October 7th, in Israel against Gaza residents, and in the US against Israelis. The papers present worrysome data
We, the undersigned, pledge to fight the dehumanization of Gazans, Palestinians, and Muslims, and the dehumanization of Israelis and Jews in general.
The scale and magnitude of the dehumanization of Gazans and Palestinians in Israel and the dehumanization of Israelis and Jews in western countries express a new and disturbing trend, triggered by the October 7 massacre and the ensuing war in Gaza. Here are a few examples:
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