Even in times of war, we must not overlook the humanity of both Palestinians and Israelis. We must not downplay or ignore injustices against any group or ignore the suffering of others.

The Pro-Human Campaign aims to counter two disturbing trends: the dehumanization of Israelis and Jews, and the dehumanization of Gazans, Palestinians, and Muslims around the world. While nearly everyone seems to identify as either pro‑Israeli or pro-Palestinian, showing a lack of empathy to the humans on the other side, we call to amplify the pro-human voice!

Who are we, and what are our objectives?

The Pro-Human Campaign is a network of organizations and activists, initiated by Amnesty International Israel when the conflict erupted on October 7. It is a home to every person, group, or organization who share the pro-human spirit and oppose the de-humanization of Israelis and Palestinians and Muslims and Jews around the world. At this point, the coalition includes the following organizations: Rabbis for Human Rights, the Parents Circle Families Forum, Mehazkim, PsychoActive and Standing Together.

In response to the polarized discourse (pro-Palestinian vs. pro-Israeli), our goal is to promote a strong pro-human perspective in Israel and globally, encouraging a shift from one-sided views to being pro‑human. We aim to establish a movement with a worldview that recognizes humanity on both sides; a movement committed to engaging with and transforming public discourse.

What about yourself?

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Extreme voices within the anti-war movement are jeopardizing the just cause of ending the bloodshed in Gaza and Israel's West Bank occupation. The silence of nearly all global human rights groups on this moral distortion is painful and wrong
While the protest in the West against the atrocities in Gaza is extremely important, certain voices within it express moral distortion and pose danger to the protest’s moral voice.
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